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Buster (guest) 07 Dec 2014 11:10
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I was BusterDaKat. I played on Alphaville, first starting in Kourika's house right after Beta (who later became something of a TSO celebrity, also in other games.. think she became the community manager somewhere eventually), then moved to the 'Wedding Bungalow' if that's its actual name. I remember an older woman led the house, along with my DJ friend Jengie (sp?). I later opened a court room where I built my tomb and gave away my million dollars along with my property before quitting the game.

I remember we had an 'Iraq War Party' (really by coincidence) the night that war started, and played songs like Two Tribes by Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Life During War Time by the Talking Heads.

I held raffles in my bathtub in the middle of our wedding chapel, promotionally married a piano.

I remember someone sold the best ranking house in Alphaville for quite a lot of money (for a game, especially that it was one of the first major monetary ingame transactions), was sold to a guy from Oslo and made international news (in the sidelines). There was a lot of controversy in the house before he came along, and it made a lot of people leave the game due to real life crises.

I remember hanging out with 'Shelly' at her furniture store. Was a nice hangout.

I seem to recall having a museum of items from various important players. Had signs with contributions from major players in the game. I thought those would last forever. Ha..

If you played back then, contribute here with what you remember.

Things I recall by Buster (guest), 07 Dec 2014 11:10
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